Monday, 26 January 2015

Aromaleigh Diavoli Collection Swatches: Part 2

Aromaleigh Diavoli Swatches

Here's part 2 of the sadly currently discontinued Diavoli collection from Aromaleigh, however it'll be back again on the 15th September this year so you can grab some of these truly stunning shades! 

These were all purchased on the Aromaleigh site, by me. Swatches were done over Smashbox 24hr Primer on the left and Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the right and photographed in natural light (or as best as I could do). The colour descriptions in italics are from the Aromaleigh site, if I feel it's warranted I'll add my own comments in normal font.

Aromaleigh Draghignazzo Swatch

Draghignazzo - "A fascinating shade when it comes to trying to describe it. In some lighting, it appears to have a deep taupe plush matte base. In other light, this base appears more grey. But what you can’t deny is the very strong blue to green to teal color traveling duochrome effect, which sometimes even appears a bit purplish at certain angles!"

Aromaleigh Farfarello Swatch

Farfarello - "A muted brownish/mauve plush matte base with a gorgeous metallic copper lowlight and a very strong red to violet color traveling duochrome effect."
This one has a really subtle shift which can be difficult to see and even harder to get a picture of.

Aromaleigh Graffiacane Swatch

Graffiacane - "A deep warm brown plush matte base with an intense color traveling duochrome effect that ranges from gold to chatreuse green."
This is stunning and reminds me of a darker more brown version of Femme Fatale Candied Apple (one of my all-time favourite duochrome shades!)

Aromaleigh Libicocco Swatch

Libicocco - "A greyed violet plush matte base with metallic copper undertones and a strong copper to red to violet color-traveling duochrome effect."
This shade has a very subtle shift as it's mostly copper, but it is beautiful all the same, I need to swatch this over glitter glue next to Geek Chic Antequarian (another favourite) to see how they compare, especially as Antequarian is discontinued. 

Aromaleigh Malacoda Swatch
(sparkle shot)

Malacoda - "A deep purplish taupe plush matte base with an intense color-traveling duochrome effect that ranges from copper to green to aqua." 

As I mentioned earlier these shades are currently unavailable but they shall return many other shadows as well as blushes and face powder can be found over at the Aromaleigh website.

Samples cost $1.00
Full sizes are $6.50
The full collection is $13.00 as sample sizes and $84.50 full size.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A - Z of Me: H

It's back! I actually quite enjoy writing these posts, some of the upcoming weeks I'm rather struggling with though (I'm sure you can guess which ones). Still, after much delay here's the continuation of the A-Z of me, H.


Horses – Horses are far and above my favourite animal, have been for years and years. There were many dissappointed christmases when I didn't get a pony. I still dream of having my own. Horse riding was the first sport I really loved, and if it wasn't for the cost I'd go back and do it again. I really really miss it. I have a fondness for chunky horses, the cob and draft types, though Arabians are my joint favourite breed alongside Fresians.

Hellboy – The first real comic series I loved, still do. I started reading the graphic novels after I fell head over heels in love with the first film (seriously, it was the first film since Disney in childhood I watched repeatedly so much I could almost quote verbatim) and fell in love all over again. It's all the perfect mix of fantasy and horror and humour and adventure. I stopped buying the volumes for a while in uni and now I need to go back and complete my collection. Then I can start on Hellboy in Hell.

Horror – I used to be utterly terrified of scary films as a child, even Sleepy Hollow was far too scary for me to watch when that came out. Yep. What a massive change from today when there are few films that actually scare me (I think Insidious is one of the more recent ones to do so, though I haven't seen too many of last years big releases and none from this year yet) and not a great many that will gross me out much, aside from a couple specific squicks. I do enjoy them though, and I'm much pickier about what I'll watch these days.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • How do you say? Nail Edition from Lab Muffin is a handy guide on how to pronounce nail polish related words
  • There's often a lot of drama in the blogging community (as with any online community) and I think this post from Becky on ways to support fellow bloggers is a fantastic remedy for that.

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • Constantine is back! And Matt Ryan hardly buttoned his shirt up all episode. I am a happy woman.
  • What Swear Word Are You? totally NSFW and totally, utterly magical and awesome.
  • Bad Doctor was featured in the latest Forbidden Planet newsletter and frankly it sounds awesome. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Kirin Tor

In an effort to dig out and use some of my older eyeshadows that just don't get enough love I tried to incorporate a few of them into this look, I think I pulled it off okay what about you?

Used: Victorian Disco Kirin Tor over the whole lid, Geek Chic Old Fashioned Villain on the outer corner and Darling Girl The Seam blended into the crease. I think the liner was Victorian Disco Kidnap Sandy Claws and the brows were Black Rose Minerals Spike. White eyeliner was NYX Milk. 

Have you pulled out any neglected products recently? I reccommend it!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Aromaleigh Diavoli Collection Swatches pt 1

Meet part one of Aromaleigh's beautiful, colour-shifting Halloween collection inspired by Dante's Inferno. I'm afraid this collection is no longer available for purchase (and I am a terrible and late blogger, I do apologise) but it may come back next year, of you might see some of these shades for sale in blogsales or destashes on /r/indiemakeupandmore, so there's always a chance? Plus, it's fun to look at pretty eyeshadow right?

Anyway, as per usual, shadows were swatched over primer on the left and glitter glue on the right (you can probably see how they behave on bare skin between the two lines) and photographed in natural light. I bought all of these with my own money.

Alichino - "A muted greyed warm green plush matte base that sometimes appears more blue-grey. It has a strong color traveling duochrome effect which ranges from red to orange to gold." 

Barbariccia - "A muted/greyed dark brown/green “breen” plush matte base that appears more greenish in sunlight and more brownish under indoor lighting. This color has an intense multichromatic pigment effect which can show gold to red to green iridescence." 

Cagnazzo - "A deep purplish black plush matte base that flashes magenta in certain lighting conditions. This is accented by a strong violet to aqua color traveling multichromatic effect." 

Calcabrina - "An intense duochrome shade- the base is a very deep brown/violet plush matte, with a vivid color traveling teal/blue multichromatic pigment." 

Ciriatto - "A super intense duochrome shade- the base is a brown/mauve black plush matte, with a vivid color traveling duochrome that shifts from gold to chartreuse to green."