Monday, 2 March 2015

February Wrap Up

Favourite Things

1. Finally getting the party themes for Asylum 14 & 15 and City of Heroes! I can start planning/buying my outfits and we're doing a DC takeover for City of Heroes on the Saturday night which will be all kinds of awesome :). I'm being Zatanna!
2. My birthday. It was quiet and comfortable and pretty much what I wanted, I was very lucky and received the things that I asked for and just had a nice time with my family.
3. Getting back into nail art and just doing fun things with my nails again. It's been too long.
4. These awesome blogs:

5. These great things:
  • a new perfume discovery in Sixteen92 Black Forest Hot Chocolate,
  • falling in love with Femme Fatale Jewel Scarab all over again,
  • the Samsung Galaxy S4, my new phone!
  • Sawbones which is an awesome medical history podcast, about the bits which didn't go so well!

Things Which Sucked

1. Getting a tooth pulled out Friday. I'm not good with dentists and it sucked and today my face is sore. Yep, not fun. Plus the paranoia of dry socket.
2. Getting knocked over by a car. This happened the Monday after my birthday (the 9th) and my hip/ass and knee are still sore from it. It hasn't exactly been my lucky month.
3. PhD stress. I see this being a recurring monthly theme, but at the moment I'm trying to power through writing a paper and presentation for a big conference in May. Between that and my recurring failures to solve a problem, it's not been a great work month.

Awesome Words I Learned:

ossature, n.
Something resembling a skeleton; a framework or underlying structure. Also: a skeleton; the bones of the skeleton collectively (rare)

puant, adj.
Having an offensive smell, stinking; (fig.) loathsome, contemptible.

sciomancy, n.
Divination through communication with the spirits of the dead. Also: divination by means of shadows

facilis descensus Averni, phr.
The descent into Avernus is easy’: easy is the descent into hell. Chiefly fig.: it is easy to slip into evil or immoral ways.

rumgumption, n.
Good sense; shrewdness.

perendinate, v.
To defer until the day after tomorrow; to postpone for a day.

mundicidious, adj.
Likely or able to destroy the world.

pirrie, n.
A sudden, strong blast of wind; a squall; a storm.

lowe, n.
Flame, fire; (as a count noun) a flame, a fire; a blaze. Also: the gleam or glow of a fire, flame, etc

outrecuidance, n.
Excessive self-esteem; overweening self-confidence; arrogance, presumption; conceit

pribble, n.
A petty or pointless dispute, a squabble; trivial or nonsensical speech or writing; squabbling, quarrelling; idle chit-chat. Only in collocation pribble and prabble

March Goals

1. Read at least two books this month, I'll be sharing my TBR list next week.
2. Keep up with posting regularly and not let myself get behind on the pre-written posts, especially with work being such a stress lately!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

A to Z of Me: N


North – I am a northerner, I've lived in the North West all my life and I just don't quite feel right down south. Everything is cheaper up here anyway ;). Though I would move southwards to a different country, mostly for the warmth!

Nostalgia – I feel like I'm too young to have nostalgia, but then I remember that I'm 24 and there are kids alive and online today who have never used a floppy disk. Heck there are probably kids online today who never suffered through the dial up tone or “get off the internet I need to use the phone”. I have a lot of nostalgia for a lot of things, including those I am strictly too young to have (benefit of old parent)

Numbers - I have a number thing. I like sevens, multiples of five, palindromes and numbers which ascend/descend in dingle steps or as doubles (eg 123 or 84). It's not OCD or anything, just weird number things that make me happy.

Naive – Not so much now, though there are still a good few aspects of adult life I am sure I am more than slightly naive about, but I grew up for a long time as a pretty naive kid. Until I was a bit older I never even thought to start looking things up on the internet (though I did look up rude words in French dictionaries!). Practical experience... lets just say I was fairly late.

Navigation – I have no sense of direction and I suck at geography, so if you ask me to direct you anywhere then you're pretty much out of luck. That being said, I'm rarely lost when I'm wandering about Bolton, or anywhere if I have a map. And if all else fails I'll walk and backtrack and try new routes until I work out where I'm going. It's never failed me yet. Or at least, not for a long while.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

Other things I've been loving this week:

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

January & February Empties

I know it looks like a massive pile of empties but it is two months worth, plus I'm destashing my makeup collection so admittedly it's not all actually empty. Some are expired and some were awful but not ones I could sell or gift so were binned. I'm hoping to start doing these every couple of months or so, or if I forget to do it every couple months, whenever the basket of empties fills up. It's a good way to look back at products I've used up and see whether I liked them or not over time.

Listerine Advance Defence Sensitive & Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection you'll probably see a lot of these kinds of dental products over time, I try to buy as many high fluoride cavity prevention/repair ones as I can given the state of my teeth thanks to medical issues. In all honesty I can't give you much information on the effectiveness of either the cavity prevention or the whitening (again, thank you issues). Sorry, this hasn't been the greatest review. They taste fine though!
Cuticura hand gel I picked this up for carrying around and using when I was eating on the go a lot, or for quick cleaning jobs between work in the lab. It works perfectly well, smells better than a great many of the standard ones though, like all alcohol gels, dries hands out.
Garnier Micellar Water & Simply Essentials Wipes I really liked the micellar water, it's a decent make up remover. It doesn't remove waterproof make up particularly well, I didn't really expect it to do, but you can get it off after a while. I mostly used this for cleaning up my face of any of the stubborn mascara smudges in the morning (the stuff that really clings to my lashes that I didn't want to scrub at) and to remove any make up remover residue. It lasted for ages too, which is great value especially if you can get it on offer. I bought a different one to replace it (one of the Boots Botanics Ultra Calm ones as I had a voucher for some money off and Boots had a 3 for 2 skincare) but I may well go back to the Garnier afterwards if it's not amazing. The wipes were not a regular use thing, I used them on and off for loads of bits and pieces though, after the gym to clean my face a bit, removing swatches and travelling. Anyway, they weren't great when I had to use them for make up removal, and honestly I find them a bit scratchy and irritating to sensitive bits of skin on my face. I'm still looking for a kinder, softer alternative to travel with.
Phil Smith Dry Clean & Batiste Tropical so Batiste is brilliant and works great for me, I prefer the Cherry one to the Tropical, but Tropical smells rather nice. The Dry Clean though... that was horrible! It made my hair feel even more greasy and a bit like I'd just sprayed hairspray on it (I checked, it's not). I won't be repurchasing it ever.

Maybelline Falsies yep, still one of my favourite mascaras. There's not much I can say about this really, I like using it and will, when I run out of mascaras, probably end up repurchasing it. Unless the blogger and addict in me kicks in and there's something else out that looks totally awesome of course. #bbloggerproblems
Maybelline Collosal Cat Eyes this worked quite well. I will admit I didn't like it as much as my original Falsies mascara. But it worked fine and I was happy to use it while I had it, I do doubt I would repurchase though, as there are plenty I prefer.
L'Oreal Volum Million Noir Excess when I first got this mascara it smelled terrible, the smell improved over time though you could still smell it. I really did like this mascara, just not so much the price. I do have a second tube in wait that my mum kindly gifted to me (she doesn't use make up) for when my current one runs out, but if it happens to be on offer or something I would consider picking a tube up.
Collection Glam Crystals this dried up rather than being totally used up, but I really love these liners. I haven't seen any so strongly glittery (and mildly pigmented, though that could be the glitter running) for such a great price. It makes the perfect glittery blue line. Or did as the case may be.

Aside from that one trio (which was ancient, old and not very good at all) that I can't even remember the name or make of, though it had long since rubbed off the packaging, these are all samples. Of course. I don't know if I'll ever manage to use up a full size indie product.

Darling Girl Friday I'm in Love and Survival Instinct I didn't like Friday I'm in Love as much, the colour never really worked well on me and in the end I mostly used it as a liner or occasional brow product, but Survival Instinct I did really love.
Victorian Disco Lorien, Kidnap Sandy Claws, I'm 100 Years Older Than You But It's Okay! Lorien was by far my favourite of these, it was a lovely inner corner highlight colour. IOHYOTYBIO was not a great lid colour, it turned very black and not very purple, but worked great as a liner and I pretty much just used Kidnap Sandy Claws as a liner since the glitter never showed very well.
Kiss My Sass Meteor eh, I didn't hate it, I didn't really love it all that much. It was pretty much a everyday neutral that I was, honestly, just trying to use it.
Meow Telekenisis this, I loved. I really wish the shipping from Meow wasn't so painful ($11) because I would repurchase this. I really want to find a dupe or a similar colour. I really should have kept a little and swatched through my collection just to check, it had the perfect warm orange red glow to it without being actually orange or red. I could wear it on pretty much any occasion.

So the MUA BB Cream, Nivea Tinted Moisturiser and Collection Coverup Stick were all too orange (the BB cream oxidises on me something awful now) and the stick was clumpy and chalky. But for obvious reasons I can't pass these on, so they're being binned.
Seventeen Phwoar Paint worked perfectly and I really liked it, I especially like the mirror in the lid for when I'm on the go. I may well rebuy this when my current concealer tube runs out, especially if it's on offer.
Rimmel Matte Perfect this had, admittedly gotten rather caked up and solidified with oil before it broke. I really liked this powder, it was a decent colour for me and worked well as a powder. Stopped me getting too oily though I did have to reapply a few times. When I run out of my current powder I'll likely rebuy.

Monday, 23 February 2015

SaraWen Review

SaraWen is a Canadian indie perfumier. She makes a range of fandom inspired scents, as well as some randoms and charity scents (for animal charities). A percentage of her proceeds go to animal charities (see here).

She held a Boxing Day sale and after lusting over SaraWen scents for quite a while I just had to. Obviously. To let it go would just have been rude. Naturally I picked up the Supernatural inspired collection, plus one of the limited winter scents.

This is the packaging that my order came in, the Supernatural inspired scents were all wrapped together (as that was one pack) and the christmas scent was the separately wrapped one. I really liked the pretty tissue paper, and it's a great unity of branding across the whole range.

Descriptions in italics are from the site, and I added my own limited interpretation of how the scent developed on my skin chemistry.

First up, the Supernatural scents. Also known as the Demon Hunter set.

Team Free Will, forever confused. It's a good thing they're pretty.

DEMON'S BANE - The deep roar of an Impala's engine is heard over the hill. The scent of leather-upholstered seats, oud, and sweet benzoin marks the coming of Demon's Bane. He's armed with the tools to do the job and a grim determination to see it done, yet always ready to crack a joke while exorcising demons. After which, Demon's Bane sidles up to a roadside cafe's counter with the smell of black pepper and honey in the air. It's dessert first for this guy ... One apple pie coming up!

In the vial very leathery and almost incensey but there's a definite note of cinnamon in there. On skin more of the sweetness and cinnamon comes out, with that masculine leathery undertone still present. As it dries and develops it smells more like warm leather with that perfume oud/benzoin starting to rize to the surface.

FALLEN ANGEL - Unassuming. Soft-spoken. Fallen Angel from Heaven. When he appears you are lovingly embraced by the fragrance of allspice and honey. Then, lingering traces of frankincense and patchouli with the hint of sugar puts one at ease. This fragrance will keep your guardian angel close to you at all times. Even during the apocalypse!

Sweet flowery incense in vial. Wet on skin the floral notes vanish and it's more insensey, spice develops fast. Spicy incense. Smells how I imagine a temple in the desert or middle east would smell, or at least those depicted in movies.

WAYWARD SON - Never one to give up on a brother, friend or something more, the Wayward Son brings comfort and protection with the scent of musk, leather and sandalwood. Yet, he shows vulnerability, and the fragrance of honey and sweet coffee will draw another closer. Finally, the Wayward Son's knowledge is apparent from the aroma of aged paper upon his person, obtained from studying forgotten texts. For one can never know too much about the things that lurk in the dark ...

Starts sweet, an in vial is sweet very honey note, quickly turns into musk and old paper on the skin. Dry down is papery and manly, with just that lingering smell of honey. Masculine. This is how I imagine sitting next to Sam in the library of the bunker or in Bobby's place with a load of books smells, if you tried to inhale Sam's musk.

YULETIDE BLISS - The scent of the holiday season - delicious mulled apple cider with warmed spiced rum. In the background is a hint of candied almonds and sweet sugared pears by the Yuletide fireplace. Join the festivities and walk in through the parlour!

Wonderful strong spicy sweet fruit smell in the vial. Wet smell lots of the almond, like sticking your nose in amaretto. As it dries the fruit comes out to the forefront. Really does smell like cider as it dries down, but in a nice way, like Rekorderlig or Koppaberg not Strongbow.

All last for most of the day on my skin and have a decent throw/sillage (which is the real word?!). If I put this on my wrist and lean on my hand I can smell it strongly. So anyone who hugged you could smell these perfumes, but they're not overpowering you all day.

The three Supernatural inspired scents can all be purchased from
Sample vials are $C4.50
Full sizes are $C13.50
She also sells sample sets.