Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • What blogging has taught me from Jenny Purr. Worth a read no matter what.
  • I'm really loving these tips for balancing work and blogging by Lydia Rose xo, I really need to take on some of these – it's a hard job balancing long work hours with running a blog!
  • This yellow and black eyes tutorial from Midnight Violets is amazing, it's gorgeous and striking all at once and Hannah makes dark lips look amazing. Jealous.
  • Toners are one of those products that seem a bit confusing, do we need them or don't we? I liked Srsly Lou's notes on toners sharing her opinions on some worth the extra.
  • In case you didn't know, I am a sucker for linear holo polishes. If I was rich I would own all the colours. Brit Nails shared a product that might help me in that quest without needing to buy a million polishes, Dance Legend Top Prismatic holographic topcoat
  • And finally, top of the list of food I need in my life baked pudding kit kats

Other things I've been loving this week:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Soft Pink and Purple

The second of the spring pastel looks, this is my favourite, I love pink and purple as a colour combination.

Used: Victorian Disco Arda on the inner half and Victorian Disco Eldar on the outer half of the lid. The undereye liner is Victorian Disco Evenstar and the liner on the top half is Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Fatal Desire.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Spring Tag

I stole this awesome tag from Makeup-Pixi3, you can see her original post with it here and answer yourself if you'd like :). The photo I used for the banner is from LiteWriting on Flickr

1.  What's your favourite nail colours for Spring?
Right now I am kind of loving pastels and peachy shades. In particular Barry M Gellys in Dragonfruit, Prickly Pear, Papaya and Greenberry.

2.  Best drink for Spring?
Honestly I just drink lots of tea and fizzy flavoured water (and pepsi max, but I'm trying to cut down!) year round.

3.  What goes on your lips in Spring?
Really, really in love with the Barry M Touch of Magic lip paint right now, as it's a stain as well. But any pinky shades are good for me in spring.

4.  What's your favourite thing about Spring?
Longer, brighter days. And the warmth. The sunshine is really high up there for me though, especially when I'm walking home from the station at 7pm. It's nice to still see daylight when I get back!

5.  Best perfume for Spring?
DKNY Be Delicious is a great one. I have some nice sweet and fruity perfume oils from etsy as well that I'm loving.

6.  What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?
Supernatural, always. Hannibal as well, and I'm really loving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which has stepped up a gear of late. And of course my one real reality show – Face Off! Oh and Game of Thrones now it restarted!

7.  Do you wear a different colour eye shadow in Spring?
I never intend to, but I do gravitate towards lighter and brighter colours as the weather gets warmer and brighter so I guess I do! I wear all kinds of colours all year though.

8.  Do you change your hair for the changing season?I'm planning to this year! I'm going to get my hair cut short for summer (I've been wanting to cut it short anyway, and warmer weather is good encouragement) but for the last few years I never bothered. I just chopped bits off when it got too long for me regardless of the season, and my hair is always crazy colours! Haha.

9.  What kind of music do you listen do in Spring?
Same I listen to year round, a big mix! I probably go for slightly lighter rock music – more pop punk than heavier metal, but in general it's a mix of rock and chart. I have been loving Bastille and Ke$ha of late.

10.  What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Spring?
Lighter layers. Thinner scarves and coats, and ankle boots more than knee high ones. Other than that my style remains mostly the same. Unless it's one of those freak super warm days we've had, then it's skater/fit and flare style dresses and skirts with leggings. Or long jumper types with leggings. I'm a creature of habit for the most part.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring Pastels

This is the first of two looks I'm bringing you this week using spring pastel shades. Now the weather is warming up I thought it was a good opportunity to break out some of my lighter colours, especially those I haven't used in too long - namely the Victorian Disco Sindarin Collection as well as a Darling Girl shade.

Used: Victorian Disco Mellon on the inner corner and blended out above the crease, Darling Girl Death by Unicorn over the lid and Victorian Disco Thranduil on the outer corner and in the crease. The liner is Urban Decay 24/7 in Rockstar. Thranduil has a pink sheen to it which didn't show up well in the photos but paired well with the pink shadow.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • Now we can get a range of French Pharmacy brands over in the UK, it's getting much easier to get hold of cult products like some of the French Pharmacy favourites listed over at A Model Recommends
  • Winter is here! And this Game of Thrones nail art from The Nailasaurus is perfect.
  • Whatever reasons we blog for everyone is sometimes struck with a touch of blogger envy, I know I've struggled recently, so this post on the positive side of Blogger Envy from Blog Branch is timed perfectly!
  • Improv comedy looks so cool, and this weeks Rad Gal, Rad Gig post from The Clueless Girl is all about it.
  • I am in love with this retro future makeup from LetzMakeup
  • I really need to get my hands on some glow in the dark nail polish. I am a sucker for cool effects like that, and when you can create awesome glow in the dark splatter nail art that looks good in the daytime too like this from The Polishaholic, well that's just a bonus.
  • This peacock hat made by Bones and Lilies is so beautiful I'd either be too scared to wear it or have to have it surgically removed from my head.

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • A Guide To Deduction
  • New blog find, debunking myths around common ingredients (did you know parabens are found in fruit like blueberries and are not that scary) and providing !science! behind beauty Labmuffin
  • Ruth at A Model Recommends has a £10 off £40 offer for Space NK here