Monday, 30 March 2015

March Wrap Up

Favourite things:

  • Young Justice. Over the past month or so I’ve marathoned both seasons, I really loved it. The show was great fun and just a awesome mindless distraction from everything. Plus it’s made me really want to read up on Nightwing and the Martians (Miss Martian & Martian Manhunter). I’m turning into a real DC fangirl here.
  • Maybelline Colossal. I’ve fallen in love with it all over again, it’s my current go to mascara.
  • /r/holdmybeaker Scientists doing stupid stuff. Welcome (occasionally) to my life.
  • The Last Podcast on the Left Every week Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks explore the horrors of the world both imagined and real.” If you want to know more about monsters, murders and the occult this is a fantastic podcast. It can be offensive at times, sometimes it can get a bit too much for me, but as far as the topics go I haven’t found a better regularly updating podcast.
  • Letterboxd I just made an account to track the films I've been watching this year. I need to go through and add them all when I get a free moment to breathe but it's pretty useful.

Things which sucked:

  • PhD work kicking my ass, especially over the last week I’ve been getting into the office at 9, leaving at 6/6:30 then working at home until 1 or 2 am. My dark circles have dark circles and I feel like I’m about to drop dead, the long Easter weekend and hopefully freedom cannot be here soon enough!
  • Eating crap and not going to the gym. See above. Well, the eating junk I really shouldn’t have been doing, but the gym stuff… eh, I’m sure someone out there will be thinking “just get up earlier and suck it up”. The junk is the worst though, I feel so gross and flabby and with a con coming up I’m sure April will end up being the month of water and lettuce.

Awesome words:

pantoglottism, n.
Knowledge of all languages.

nescient, adj.
Ignorant. Freq. with of.

oppugn, v.
trans. To attack or oppose with words, action, influence, etc.; esp. to call into question, controvert, or dispute the truth or validity of (a statement, belief, argument, etc.). Now rare.

dysphemism, n.
the substitution of a harsh, disparaging, or unpleasant expression for a more neutral one. 

prestidigitator, n.
A person who practises sleight of hand or legerdemain; a conjuror; a juggler. Also in extended use

beamish, adj.
bright, cheerful, and optimistic.

emportment, n.
A spell of anger or strong feeling; a fit of passion. Also as a mass noun: anger, fury.


Things I Read:

  • Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse - David Mitchell  4/5 cynical and funny
  • Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healey 4.5/5 I loved this book, LOVED IT. It was a little hard to follow sometimes but that added to the feeling and theme of the book. Dementia makes things hard to follow. Sometimes it hurt to read as my grandparents (especially my grandfather) have dementia, but that's a credit to how well and accurately written it was. I recommend this to anyone!
  • Goodbye Paper Doll – Anne Snyder 2/5 dated language and attitudes towards anorexia, I didn't like the protagonist, generally not a book I enjoyed.
  • Seed – Ania Ahlborn 4.5/5 really creepy, the creeping psychological horror and general slow pace really work in this books favour. Usually I hate slow books but the emotional turmoil and slowly increasing tension made this worth it.
  • Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon – Matt Fraction & David Aja 5/5 great collection of stories, I liked the artwork which helps greatly when it comes to graphic novels, and I loved the insight into the kind of person Clint Barton is. He’s a good man, he’s just not always the nicest man. I’m going to buy the next one soon.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Alan Moore 4/5 I loved the story, hated the art. This was basically the same storyline as the film, which I know a great many comic lovers hated but I loved it (perhaps because I hadn’t read the graphic novel first?). Either way it’s an enjoyable read, but because I personally couldn’t get along with the artwork I won’t be buying Volume 2.
  • Hellblazer – I finished my 300 issue Hellblazer readthough (the one I started in November)! I won’t write any spoilers, and as it’s been an ongoing project I won’t be giving any ratings since there are so many writers, artists and story arcs that I can’t quite pick out which of them I read this month and which were last. I will say as a whole I do love the series, it has its ups and downs like anything that runs so long, and there are some artists that worked on the series I really couldn’t stand, as well as some arcs that bored me. Overall I really recommend the series and unlike many I liked the way it ended, I thought it was fitting. Very John Constantine.
  • A Brief History of Me – Stephen Hawking 3.5/5 – Audiobook. Hawking is a fascinating man, and as I haven’t yet seen the film made about him that did so well at the awards this year it was great to learn more about him. But, a brief history this certainly was, the audiobook was only two parts and only lasted a couple hours. And the later chapter on time travel while fascinating, did delve a little deep into equations and science. Even for someone who knows a bit about physics it got a little hard to follow. Maybe this would have been easier if I was actually reading and not listening
Links and more info can be found on my 2015 Reads page on Goodreads

Things I Watched

  • Honeymoon 4/5 I really enjoyed this, it was a fairly unique take on the genre with some pretty gross and spooky moments.
  • Fear Clinic 3/5 kind of clever albeit confusing at times, generally not a bad film.
  • Spawn 4/5 thoroughly enjoyable but dear lord the special effects look so bad and dated, like a really old video game. They were seriously some Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot level stuff.
  • I, Frankenstein 3/5 eh, it wasn't bad but it never really captured me. Alright for a party movie that you can put on in the background while not needing to pay a massive amount of attention.
  • The Only Lovers Left Alive 5/5 this was just amazing and perfect, Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are just such amazing actors and the film just told this really beautiful story.
  • R.I.P.D 4/5 this was just fun. It wasn't an amazing plot, it wasn't the greatest film ever, but damnit it was a fantastic popcorn film. Or one to play at a party. I did enjoy this a lot more than I, Frankenstein - it had more fun action. On the down side it had Kevin Bacon and every time I see him I want to punch his stupid face, with a brick.
  • The Maze Runner 3/5 it was interesting but it kinda felt like it was going nowhere, probably because it's part of a series the ending didn’t feel like any kind of conclusion.
  • Oculus 4/5 – trippy and spooky, I really enjoyed this one!

Considering how busy I’ve been that seems like a lot of stuff I’ve read/watched, but a lot of the watching was done tandem to working and with several of the shows I usually watch on hiatus for a few weeks this month it freed up an extra 4 or 5 hours I’d have spent watching other things. Plus I tend to read while at my grandparents (two nights a week) and waiting for appointments. 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

A to Z of Me: P


Piercings – I have eight of them and I want more, if I can get over the fear of pain I have every time I go for one (I plan to get the other side of my nose pierced, or possibly my septum, once it's warmed up and I'm not a snotty mess haha). I've liked piercings, especially the less 'standard' ones for a long time. Since well before I was old enough to get any by myself. I think I was 12 or 13 and browsing BMEzine (if any of you remember that!) and loving the surface piercings and stretched ears. Of course as soon as my first ear piercings were healed I started stretching them. If anyone would like to know more about my piercings or the process of stretching them or anything then I'd happily do some posts on them, just ask!

Podcasts – I've mentioned podcasts in a few of these posts, that's because listening to them takes up a large part of my time. Perhaps takes up is the wrong phrase, I like having sound playing when I am doing things, I don't like being in the quiet – I get anxious and distracted and it generally isn't constructive for me. Most of the time if you see me with a headphone and not on youtube/watching tv in I am either listening to a podcast or some kind of audiobook, I do have music playlists that I listen to as well, but podcasts are my listening material a lot of the time. I learn things from them and they're great ways of getting more indepth analysis and break downs of tv shows I'm invested in. Some of my favourite podcasts are (in no particular order): Caustic Soda, Night of the Living Podcast, Nerdist, The Devil You Know (Constantine), the How Stuff Works network of podcasts, A Matter of Taste (Hannibal), Last Podcast on the Left, Sawbones and Supernatural The Road So Far.

Puns – I really like puns, good or bad. I'm the kind of person who laughs at “Dad jokes” and thinks “oh deer” was one of the best Christmas jumpers I saw all year. I also really like slightly dirty puns, well I like dirty jokes of all kinds. I have a terrible sense of humour.

Purple – Guess what my favourite colour is....

Procrastination – I am a terrible procrastinator, as I mentioned when I talked about lists (link) I can make to-do lists for days, but I just waste time getting more and more detailed and not getting things done. I'll also trap myself down internet rabbit holes while doing actual research and end up not getting the work done I was supposed to. And that's before I've started taking a five minute break to go on reddit. Yeah, it's surprising I get anything done whatsoever. I'm getting better at not procrastinating and actually USING my lists.

Monday, 23 March 2015

How I Destash

Bit of a different post today, but I'm slowly trying to cut down my slightly overwhelming collection of makeup in the hopes it'll make my makeup drawers a bit easier to close. So I thought I'd write out a quick post on how I'm doing that.

First things first have a) a bin/'to bin' container and b) a 'to sell/swap/gift' container on hand. I'm using my empties box for the bin and a separate make up bag for sell/swap/gift. (The real first thing I did was get a cup of tea and stick Casualty on iPlayer, this is a long job)

Step 1: Pick a section to go through. This is good whether you have a massive collection or a small one, it helps keep things organised and if (like me) you find it hard to let go of things it allows you to go slowly and make small steps.

Step 2: Empty everything out of the drawer (or bag, or whatever you keep your stuff in, for this purpose I'm using drawer since that's what have.)

Step 3: Pick out any things you use all the time. Either on a day to day basis or your immediate go to red lip. Put these back in the drawer (I'm assuming since these are things you use often, they're not gone off).

Step 4: Anything you know you hate or have never used since you first bought/swatched/blogged about it take out and put to one side. Sort through these for things that need binning (they've gone off or are so awful you wouldn't inflict that on your worst enemy) and things for the s/s/g pile.

Step 5: Find anything past its use by or that's started going off. Bin it. Sorry.

Step 6: The hard bit, sorting through the not-regular use but not hated pile. First look for any dupes, if they are dupes (in colour or the exact same product) then put one in the s/s/g (or bin for anything nearly used up or that you wouldn't give away), if they're near dupes see if there's one you like more or try to think about if you'll really need/use both. Also pick out anything you use semi-regularly and put it back in the drawer.

Step 7: If you haven't used the product in over 6 months then unless it's something you need for certain specific things (like that green lipstick you use for cosplays and halloween) it's unlikely you'll use it again in the next 6, so it's probably time to bin/give away. If you have a hard time doing this then a great tip I picked up from (I think /u/daisyismydog) reddit is to force yourself to use that product every day for a week. If you fall in love with it again then keep it, if you find that you're starting to dread using it then it's probably time to let go.

Step 8: Put the newly destashed draw back. Congratulations! Now time to move on to the next one...

I am also using this as a time to inventory my whole collection, because that's a useful thing for me to have. And if you wondered what my hand looked like after all the lipstick swatching:

I haven't started on the eyeshadows yet. I dread to think.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A to Z of Me: O


  • Outdoors – I love being outdoors (uh, rain aside), I feel much better when I can be outside in the fresh air. Days when I've been cooped up inside all day are days when my mood goes floorwards and in a bad way. I feel awful and upset and my anxiety levels go through the roof.
  • Octopus – I'm kind of obsessed with octupuses right now. I mean, tentacles are fascinating anyway *insert “meanwhile in Japan” joke here* but octupuses in general are just so cool. I mean look at all these facts!
  • Orthodontist – I had braces as a kid, mostly to just move some teeth forwards so that I didn't end up needing a bunch of work done later to allow my wisdom teeth to come in, or worse – work on my wisdom teeth. It also rejigged a few of my front teeth, the lower ones have gone back to being wonky, but my canine (which my adult tooth had started growing in blooming sideways!) is fine. Plus I got to have purple and black bands on them, which was awesome.
  • Organisation – something which I totally lack! Haha. I do enjoy putting things in specially allocated places and writing lists and trying to be organised, but then I end up with twenty different boxes for things and it just creates more mess. As for trying to get things done... well I always forget something and rush last minute. I'm a wreck.
  • Obedient – okay so I had some headstrong teenage years but now I would much rather just follow instructions and do what I'm told and just generally be one of the sheep. Unless you're talking feminism/mental health issues, then I speak out. But in work, just don't rock the boat. I like being one of the mindless worker drones okay?

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • I found this awesome website Food Adventures in Fiction with tonnes of foods from books/tv/movies and games.
  • Punky Pinks just released a super affordable range of Harry Potter jewellery here. I really want the Mischief Managed necklace
  • The most awesome bi-monthly podcast EVER Welcome to Night Vale are releasing a book! pre-order yours now