Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Aria Night Out Look

You guys might not know this, but I'm going on holiday with my family in November and December for three weeks as part of my sister's Graduation present (which handily coincides with my mother's week long meeting in New Orleans and her airmiles and hotel points covering all flights and remaining hotels xD). One of the places we shall be visiting is Las Vegas (I have visited once before as part of my Graduation present, which also handily coincided with a long San Diego meeting and a lot of airmiles and hotel points) so when Aria got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to create a look as part of their #AriaNightOut campaign I was all over it! I loved Vegas last time I went, okay so it was very hot and I kind of burned my feet so badly I couldn't walk (I took off my socks for less than five minutes! stupid given it was June, but goddamn), but all the glitz and glam and lights were amazing. We stayed in a budget hotel and it was still amazing. 

If you want to know more about the Aria I took a few bits from the description from their website (which you can visit by clicking on this lovely link right here) to give you an idea, though I think the photos I've added to this post should give you a good look at how stunning the place is!
With an aura of minimalism, Aria stands tall as a hip resort in the heart of both the Las Vegas Strip and the incredible CityCenter urban complex. Sophisticated and chic, it sports a design that spans modern architecture, but also is environmentally thoughtful. In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council has awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design's Gold certification to Aria’s hotel tower, convention center and theater.
The design excellence at Aria is embraced in the resort's 4,572 lavish rooms and suites. Natural light streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows. The décor makes use of dramatic colors, expressive artwork and materials that convey relaxation. As part of the high-tech amenities, guests are able to personalize their preferences for the curtains, lights and more by simply touching a menu on the TV screen. Among the standard amenities are custom mattresses, plush robes, a 42-inch LCD television, an in-room safe, a dual vanity and a separate shower and soaking tub.
Lovely to look at from every angle and filled with unexpected delights, Aria's sophisticated style is sure to wow you -- as will its exquisite dining and relaxation opportunities. Plus, the personalized, high-tech touch service guarantees you'll have an exceptional stay during your Las Vegas visit.
-- By Renée LiButti

This is the picture I was inspired by when I created my look, this is my favourite bit of Vegas. While I love the sophistication and glamour of the rest of the Aria, when I think Vegas I think parties and debauchery and good old fashioned fun. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas after all ;). Plus, clubs means I can throw plenty of glitter on there, and you all know how I love glitter!

This is the look I created now that my eye is healed (I've had some psoriasis type issues with my lids lately), a purple and black smokey eye, with touches of gold and plenty of glitter. Plus a few gemstones, because what better excuse? The colours I used were Victorian Disco Sailor Galaxia for the gold, Victorian Disco Eldar and Shiro Shinigami for the purple and a touch of Geek Chic Baby for the black. The glitters are a mix of UAV and Riot Shield from Victorian Disco and Collection glitter liner.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Barry M Key Lime and Waikiki Swatches

More Barry M swatches! I did go a bit mad buying the lovely summer Gelly's and Mattes. I like brights these days, what can I say? This is a pair of greens, well, that one greeny-yellow matte that by all rights I should totally loathe (the colour looks so ugly in the bottle!) but I actually really love.

Barry M Key Lime

This is Key Lime on all nails but the ring finger (which has Waikiki), two coats, no topcoat.
I've wrongly labelled it as Kiwi, but ignore that, this IS Key Lime. Apparently I've had a massive brain fart.

Barry M Waikiki

This is Waikiki, again two coats, no topcoat, on all nails but the ring finger. Which is Key Lime.

I do love Barry M, don't you?
All polishes can be bought from Barry M on line, Boots or Superdrug for £3.99

Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • Battle of the Essence mascaras. now that Essence have hit Wilkos across the UK and given the love some of their mascaras receive in the blogosphere, this handy dandy list of reviews from Beauty on a Budget is pretty timely. And just added two new things to my 'to-buy' list once I've used up a couple of my stash!
  • Anonymity can be both a wonderful thing and a terrible one, Skinned Cartree discussed the power of anonymity online
  • New company to lust over alert! Meet Wonderland Beauty and from the stunning swatches by Emily I kind of want to cover myself in Morpheus
  • Another Beauty on a Budget post! Oops. Well I think this one is an important read, about whether bloggers can be trusted to be honest, especially where PR samples are involved.
  • Sometimes you just need something to fill your time, luckily Autumn Leaves wrote a great post about things to do on weekends that aren't blogging
  • Brightest Bulb in the Box asked are indie shadows really cheaper than name brands?. The answer is yes, sometimes. Though I do feel I use less with indies and I'm one of those greedy people who likes having twenty different sample size shades rather than one set of bigger things.

Other things I've been loving this week:

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

RIP Robin Williams

Depression is a bastard and no matter how much money, how much you are loved, sometimes it will still drag you down with it. "Just cheer up, you have so much to be thankful for" doesn't work, doesn't help and is actually a dick thing to say to someone for whom sometimes, there is no light at the end of that tunnel or any tunnel for miles.

Depression kills, please be there for anyone who opens up to you in light of this. Please LISTEN. 
And don't make judgements. People with depression often hate themselves enough without additional judgement being passed on them.

And if you are struggling yourself, please just hang on in there. Better times are coming.

Sorry I'm not feeling up to proper posts right now. 
Between this and some illness issues of my own I just can't.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • This visual of bioluminescent creatures
  • Toxid Lotus' Indie Blog list
  • This article on bulimia I found via the lovely mo'adore
  • THE BAKE OFF IS BACK! I like Iain even though he didn't bake so well and Norman because he's amusing, hated the “kawaii” dude Jordan (he couldn't even pronounce it properly and the BBC were clueless). I hope the young girl isn't like the uni student last year, she seems smashing so far, actually quite like her. I think my favourite two on skill so far have been her and the builder (I'm rubbish at names!). And above all Sue Perkins (<3) and Mary Berry are back on my screen!